Stream multiple programs at once
Upload large movie files to the cloud
Don't wait for your content!

Blazing Gaming Speeds

Make your gaming experiences better by reducing buffering or delays when gaming!

Top Speed & Quality

Gallop provides you the fastest connection for all rooms, all devices, all the time.

Fast download and upload speeds

Gallop Broadband provides you with the speed you need for today’s internet.  Streaming TV, Working in the cloud or uploading your personal movies and pictures to show the world what you have been up too.  GallopBB lets you do these tasks without the spinning wheel or “buffering” delays you get form the other guys.

Equipment, Installation and Setup

Use your personal equipment
With GallopBB your router is all you need. No modem or other equipment to rent. Just plug in and go!

Customer support

Here if you need us!
If you have a problem we have LOCAL tech support to help. Click below for options.

Customer Guarantee

No Contracts - Because we don't need them
We are so sure you will like Gallop Broadband we don't require contracts. But of course, some conditions apply.